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How cobby works

Product creation

Create new products with just a few clicks

Copy, insert, edit
Quick transfer of similar product data

Multi store
Clear visualization, translations

Fast transfer of texts and images

Data quality

High-quality data = high turnover

Data validation
Are all mandatory fields filled? Have all texts been translated? Where are images missing?

Data optimization

Data cleansing
Better shop performance due to less redundant data

Regular report

Data import and export

In and out

Import and export of different data formats: csv, xml, xlsx

Easy transfer of supplier lists

All online shop product data in one Excel list


Let cobby work its magic

Define workflows and save

Text generation by means of AI

Translation suggestions


Bring back the good old days

Easy recovery of product data

Backup of your Magento online shop

Different status of the online shop available (seasonal offers, special sales campaigns, etc.)


Ready for something new

Quick conversion of the online shop system

No duplicate maintenance

No loss of turnover during the transition period

From Magento 1 to Magento 2

From Magento 1 to Shopware 6


Open to everything

Connection to enterprise resource planning systems, e.g. Pixi, Navision, SAP, JTL

Preparation of Magento product data for standardized exchange formats, e.g. BMEcat

Automated transfer of product data to online market places (e.g. Zalando)


How can cobby support you?

We would be happy to present cobby to you - live in your online shop or in our demo shop.
Make a personal demo appointment now, or test cobby free of charge and without obligation.