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cobby ist ...

… Ideal For Content Managers

  • create products with cobby

    Create new product

    simply copy a similar product - paste - adjust individual fields - done

  • cobby Assign categories

    Assign categories

    mark similar products - tick or untick appropriate categories - done
  • Custom options

    as you know it from Magento

    Create new products or edit existing ones

    Creating new items in your online shop can take up to 20 minutes per product. For a product with many images and several specifications such as different colors, sizes, accessories sometimes even longer. Especially for a large online store with constantly changing assortment, this is very time consuming.

    Creating a new product in the Magento store with cobby goes like this:
    Copy an existing similar item and paste it as a new line. Now you can edit all cells like name, description, price, category, images etc. Also the translation for multilingual stores can be inserted directly.
    With a click on "Save products" the item is directly online in Magento and in the online store.

    Update prices, images and SEO data in Excel in a very short time

    Upload new images, update prices, optimize meta data for Google & Co - and all that hundreds of times, product by product. You're already dreading the time you have to invest? How can you keep track of everything?

    cobby offers you comfortable and clear management of all product information in Excel. From changing SKU, setting image descriptions, uploading images via URL to category assignment of products - do all this and much more with cobby. Thanks to bulk actions, thousands of items are up to date in a very short time. All familiar Excel formulas and functions can be used to help you.

    • Change product descriptions with cobby

      Product descriptions

      clearly change and copy for other products

    • Upload images in Magento with cobby

      Upload and edit images

      use drag and drop or simply enter a URL

    • Change Magento prices with formulas

      Calculate new prices with formulas

      use all familiar Excel formulas

    • Mass processing in Magento, Shopify and Shopware

      Change all prices at once

      simply use the price formula for other products as well - save - done

      • cobby mandatory fields not filled

        Error assistant

        helps you to find all mandatory fields

      • cobby error assistant

        Error assistant

        signals if mandatory fields are not filled

        Complete and correct product data

        Do you keep losing track of the large amount of data in your product catalog and forget to maintain important product fields?
        If a product picture is missing or the dimensions are not entered, the customer has a hard time imagining your product and quickly switches to the online store of a competitor.

        With cobby, data validation is made very easy: automatic checks improve data quality and ensure that you don't miss anything. Unmaintained product dimensions or manufacturer data are a thing of the past.

        » We use cobby to maintain the more than 400 million possible product combinations in Magento. In addition to updating stock levels, which we get reported in Excel, we optimize our product information regarding SEO with data from various sources. cobby helps us keep the overall picture in mind and implement new ideas quickly. «