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Your date with cobby!

How would you like to get to know cobby?

Online date with personal guide

We'll show you what cobby can do and how cobby can support you best.

Blind date in the demo shop

It's just the two of you. You can explore, click and try out everything yourself.

Request a demo

Arrange a non-binding online demo session now.

Test cobby in the demo shop

After only five steps, you can test cobby fully and without obligation in the Magento demo shop.

Magento Demo Shop Frontend

This is what the demo shop looks like online. Here you will see your changes soon.

Magento Demo Shop Backend

If you would like to know what your changes look like in the Magento backend, you can find the login data here.

Access data Magento 1 and 2

User name: demo user 
Password: demouser123demouser! 

Install cobby as Excel add-in

cobby requires Microsoft Windows and at least Excel version 2007.

Download the cobby Excel add-in here and install it:

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Load products in cobby

Open Excel, go to the tab "cobby".
Click on the button Load products.

… and you will see all Magento products.

Test cobby

By clicking on the small checkmark next to the button Open Admin Panel and then Open storefront, you can see the selected product in the frontend of the demo online shop.

Now you can really get started:

For example, change a product name and click on Save products.

As soon as the status is green, open the storefront in the frontend again and see what has happened.

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Undreamed-of possibilities

Now imagine all the functions and workflows that cobby offers you.
Want some examples?

And it's a match!

Test cobby without obligation in your own Magento shop.