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Online store creation by the agency - maintenance by the customer

You create an online store for your customer so that they can sell their numerous products. But the daily catalog maintenance is too tedious and complex for you or the customer doesn't want to pay for it?

With cobby you provide the customer with an attractive tool for online store maintenance: familiar Excel environment, no need to get used to the new online store system, saving time and capacities by processing large amounts of data in real time and highest team compatibility.

Offer full service

You would like to offer your customer the complete service package including online store maintenance, but the time expenditure is simply too high?

Not with cobby: Due to store maintenance in Excel, several online stores can be managed in a time-saving way. Free capacities can be used efficiently for more intensive support of existing customers or the acquisition of new customers.

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Online store migration? No problem!

Your customer would like to change their store system, which means spending a lot of time for the transfer of old store data into the new system?

With the help of cobby the data transfer is much easier and faster. This saves a lot of time and nerves for both you and your customer.