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… Ideal For Product Managers

cobby teamwork

Roles and rights for optimal teamwork

Your team is busy with the daily maintenance of the online store and doesn't find time for other tasks or to develop the product further?

Save time and resources with cobby. The assignment of roles and rights per user helps you to keep an eye on the big picture and to coordinate your team efficiently. This way, your employees have free capacities for new tasks.

Time savings through familiar Excel environment

The time consuming training of new employees or temporary staff on the store system takes up the valuable time of the team?

Since with cobby all products can be maintained in Excel, the training time for getting used to a new shop system is eliminated. Thus, new employees learn faster and easier than before how to maintain the online store.

 Use Excel filters in cobby
cobby change prices fast

Stay competitive

The holidays or Black Week are coming and the competitors are initiating extensive discounts. Can you keep up? Or does the short-term adjustment of product prices takes too much time and capacities?

With the help of cobby, product catalogs can be quickly updated in real-time in Excel - thanks to time control even automatically at a specific time such as Black Friday. This way, you stay competitive and can always react to the competition in a very short time.