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Update many prices in a very short time

Whether you would like to add new manufacturer prices to your online store, update prices at short notice or schedule special prices for certain products: cobby makes it possible.

With smart Excel formulas, price matching and price calculation is done quickly, even for multiple products at the same time. Thanks to cobby, all price updates are then directly in your online shop with one click – without the need for time-consuming export and import of csv files.

How to bulk update supplier prices in your Magento store

You sell different items from different suppliers through a Magento online store. These suppliers send you regularly price tables and lists with new prices, which you would like to adjust in your Magento store.

What you need:

  • list with new supplier prices
  • Excel with the cobby plugin
  • Magento 2 or 1 online store

You can find the detailed step by step instructions with the index match formula to copy in our tutorial: How to easily and quickly update prices in Magento

How to set special prices for Magento products in Excel

Discount promotions and special prices boost sales since everyone likes bargains.
For this reason, you would like to offer certain products at a special price in your Magento 2 or 1 online store. The reduced prices should be limitedly available in time, e.g. for Black Friday or before holidays.

You do not need any Magento 2 or Magento 1 knowledge. With the help of cobby you can set special prices easily and quickly in Excel.

The best is yet to come: With one click the special prices are directly active in your Magento store. No need to export and import csv files.