Release notes 1.35

Reserved attributes

In the past we had trouble with Magento-Shops that had duplicate attributes of hardcoded attributes that we used in cobby. To circumvent such problems in the future, cobby now makes use of prefixes when handling attributes. This way identical customer attributes won’t collide with cobby.


No sync while indexing is in progress

We implemented an automatic check for other running indexes, to prevent cobby from running while other indexers are running. The check runs every 5 minutes while the sync operation is active.


Support for high resolutions


cobbys buttons happened to look blurred on screens with DPI Scaling set to a high value. We now support scalings of even 200% without anything going blurry. 


Fixed a memory leak in cobbys Import-function

A critical memory leak could in the past cause Excel to crash while the import was running.


Split Attribute sets now also works in fields with formulas

When splitting attribute sets cobby will honor formula fields and use the values of the formula. So far cobby used the whole formula when attribute sets were split.


Excel freezes in the Search and Replace function


To date replacing a value with Excel’s Search and Replace function when there are more than ten thousand hits, would not be a problem with the search or the replacing itself. But the actual write-back with the new value could cause a freeze. Cobby will handle it without any frostbite.


Cobby and the FastSimpleImport extension

cobby now recognises the Magento-Extension FastSimpleImport and notices if products are imported or changed through the extension.


New button “Copy Product”copy-product-en

The button brings in a new functionality. When you have one or more products selected, a simple press on “copy products” copies the products with all their values except for the SKU and the ProductKey.



In addition this release is accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.


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