Release notes 1.34

Behavioral changes of the statusindicator

If you have been changing a product in cobby and also did changes in Magento for the same product at the same time, the statusindicator did change from yellow to red. The product would then not be uploaded and not be incorporporated in saves. This behavior changes with version 1.34. In said situation the statusindicator for the product will now not change to red, but instead stay yellow.

From now on cobby checks all products for ambiguous product keys

Ambiguous product keys now trigger a “must be must be unique” error. cobby will generate a new unique key when you delete the non-unique key from the product key row. The error is thus resolved and the product is created anew.


Support for asynchronous indexing

cobby now supports the following variant of AsyncIndex ( to take load of the Magento server. When AsyncIndex is installed, cobby will notice and stop emideate indexing. So after importing changes will not be shown instantly at the frontend, but time-controlled and based on the settings. Only after the Magento index has finished, changes will show at the frontend.

Other optimization

Shops with very many attribute options show a partially massive boost in performance when importing, regardless whether new articles have been applied or not.

We also fixed some minor bugs.



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