Release Notes 1.51

“Invalid Storeview” – Error message cobby
If a storeview has been deleted and the cobby index has not been rebuilt, it caused problems while working with cobby. When uploading the products to Excel, the system now checks whether the specified StoreView exists. If this is not the case, the error message “Invalid value” is shown together with the name of the affected StoreView.

Import of bundle titles does not work in Magento 2
This update restores support for bundles with Magento 2. Since Magento version 2.2.0 the bundle titles could no longer be edited via cobby. In some cases it could lead to bundle titles that haven’t been edited or have been cleared after saving.

New Job Status in Excel
With the there is a new job status in Excel. If after saving, indications appear that are not critical, a green exclamation mark is shown as job status.

A yellow job status with an exclamation mark indicates that there are hints after saving the products which don’t necessarily have to be observed. This can be triggered by newly created attribute options, indications of price updates, insufficient change rights in the warehouse or on storeviews. This message is purely informative and does not constitute an error.

The detailed information can be found in the error task pane.

The yellow job status with exclamation mark still exists. This is displayed, for example, if a tier price was created that is too high or if an attribute was not assigned to a product type.

The message tells you that something must be changed for the import to work. You can find information about the message once you open the job log.

Authentication in cobby via the customer center account

With this update, the user authentication, which was previously only available for the Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise) Edition, has been unlocked for all users. Instead of the Magento access data, the access data of the cobby customer center can be used. Especially when employees leave the company, it is easy to avoid misuse. If you want to use this feature, write us a message and we will activate it for you.  

The login in Excel works with your e-mail address and password from the particular customer center account.


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