Release Notes 1.49

Delete index.php from webservice URL

Now cobby automatically detects if a redirection rule has been created on the web server that removes the “index.php” part from the URL. Previously this could create problems in some constellations. Visible result was that cobby couldn’t create a valid session key and Magento did not connect to the cobby service (invalid request).

Background information in Job Protocol and Error Task Pane

The Error Assistent has been extended, when you click on the error text you will be directed to the corresponding article in our help center. There you find detailed backgrounds and a how to solution for the specific problem. 

A new category was added to our help center called “Error Task Pane” which summons all articles.

Magento 2 user selection behaves like Magento 1

Previously only in Magento 1 valid users were listed in the cobby configurations, but in Magento 2 the user had to be entered manually.

Magento 1:

This was changed and Magento 2 displays a selection as well. It contains all users with access to the cobby rights (user role).

Magento 2:

Support for new version of Magento 2 and 1

Including this update, the following Magento versions are supported:

Troubleshooter/ system check

The cobby system configuration in Magento has been extended so that common problems are displayed within the Magento system configuration. You can find detailed instructions and help on this topic in our help center.


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