Release Notes 1.48


Starting with version 2.3.0, Magento supports multiple storage locations per product (Multi Source Inventory). An introduction to the topic can be found here. In order to work with these new features in cobby, a separate task pane for the quantity (Qty) was introduced. If you place the focus in the quantity column of a product, the following task pane opens:

By clicking on Assign Sources, the editor opens with the available sources and advanced inventory options:

Sources can be de- & activated with a check mark at “Assigned”. Under “Source Item Status” you can set the availability (In Stock / Out of Stock). “Qty” itself indicates the available quantity. 

The following fields (which are available in Magento MSI) are currently not supported by cobby

  • Notify Quantity
  • Notify Quantity Use Default

The reason for this is that Magento does not yet have an interface to use these features. If you have to manage this data with cobby, please contact us via


Copy selection for filter

With this version there is an update for the cobby ribbon. Under the Tools tab you will now find the button “Copy selection for filter”.

Step by step guide:

Select a vertical area with SKUs or other text attributes you can use in the cobby filter.

To use this selection as a filter expand the Tools menu and click on Copy selection for filter. The filter string can then be pasted directly from your clipboard into the cobby filter dialog. 

Removed settings for htaccess in Magento 2

The settings for htaccess could also be found in Magento 2 in the cobby settings. Since Magento 2 uses the Authorization Header which is used for htaccess also for user authentication both methods cannot be combined. To use htaccess and cobby, all our IPs must be enabled in the .htaccess configuration. Read more about it in this article

After adjusting the .htaccess configuration, the cobby configuration must be saved in the Magento backend, before you can continue working with cobby.


Call cobby service only after complete setup

Up to this release, contact to the cobby service was established directly after the installation of the cobby extension within Magento. The behavior has been changed and notifications to the cobby service are only sent after cobby is fulyl configured. 


Disable cobby within Magento admin panel

It is now possible to disable cobby in the Magento backend (temporarily or permanently). This step was introduced for example if the shop is running on a staging license, your subscription is paused or to prevent high load because of mass changes in Magento. 

Log in to your backend and navigate to the cobby settings. Under “General Settings” set the item “Active” to “No” and save.  

Different category tree between cobby and Magento

Corrupt data in Magento could cause cobby and Magento to display a different category tree. This happened whenever a category used different values in the hierarchy (which is formed by the parent) and in the Level attribute. The behavior has now been adapted to Magento, corrupt records are no longer displayed.


Sync aborts and Sync Error Mail is not sent cause of too many errors

In the past it could happen that the Sync Errors mail was not sent if the number of detected errors exceeded a certain amount. This could cause the status of the cobby index to be stuck on resync. The handling of large error amounts was adapted, only the first 150 errors are now shown in the Sync Error Mail.


Exceptopm Apostroph at the beginning as attribute value and editing in Excel

If an attribute value used an apostrophe character at the beginning and these products had been edited in Excel, Excel interprets this as an indirect conversion to text and removes the leading apostrophe. To prevent this, the leading apostrophe in cobby is replaced by a double apostrophe. When editing products, make sure that the input begins with a double apostrophe ” during editing. 


Error when creating new attribute options if a Storeview was deleted

If a storeview was deleted in Magento and no synchronization was performed by cobby, an error message was displayed in the job protocol if new attribute options were created. This error no longer occurs. 


Image position starts at 0 instead of 1

The position number for images in Magento and cobby usually starts at 1. However, if the images for a new product created via cobby were generated by using the copy function from the Images task pane, the position number started at 0. The behavior has now also been adapted to start with 1 in that case.


Double Task Pane after opening a workbook

If a workbook was loaded from the Internet which contained macros and was activated for editing, it could happen that cobby displayed two Task Panes. This was due to a security feature of Excel. This edge case is now detected by cobby and only one task pane is displayed as expected.


Unexpected termination of sync when using import mode at the same time

Up to this release it could happen that when resyncing cobby and saving in import mode at the same time, the resync was aborted. With this release a warning message will be displayed like in normal edit mode, that saving during the index setup is currently not possible.


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