Release Notes 1.46

Magento indexes are built in the background
The behavior of the index structure has been changed. Previously, after starting an import from cobby, the required Magento index was immediately called. Until the index was rebuilt, new cobby imports were added to the queue.
The Magento indexer is now called asnychronously in the background, so other cobby imports in the queue don’t have to wait for the index build anymore.

New message “Folder cannot be written to”
It can happen that the permissions for the media directory (the storage location of the product pictures) on the server of your hoster were not assigned sufficiently. If an error occurred during image import, only an error message was returned that the folder was not writable. The message has now been improved.

Support of individual options in Magento 2
With this update, custom options are no longer only supported in Magento 1, but also for Magento 2.

ImportSize is saved when creating a new product
To further increase the performance cobby remembers how many products the server can import in one step. This information was previously determined for each import.

cobby Handle Changes have been adjusted
The cobby Handle Changes have been extended by Username & Context. You can read more about this here.

Better support for special characters in attribute sets
Special characters in attribute sets were supported by cobby. With this version even more special characters like /, \ and – are handled correctly in attribute sets.

Incorrect display of individual options
If the screen scaling in Excel was set above 100%, in some constellations it could happen that the “Remove Button” in the Custom Options Taskpane was missing at the input type “Dropdown” or “Multiselect”.

Now this scaling can be adjusted again without causing a display error.

Extended message for SuperAttribute with double constellation
When linking simple products to configurable products, an error message Double constellation may occur. To better understand what caused this error to arise the message has been improved and the affected constellations have been added.
If a double constellation is detected in an attribute, the corresponding SKUs of the simple products and the attribute option are displayed.

Basic structure of the message:
The constellation: {attribute option} exists multiple times: {SKU Simple1}, {SKU Simple2}
Using a concrete example:
The constellation: Large-Green is available several times: t-shirt_0019, t-shirt_0020

PHP 7.2 is supported by cobby
With this release cobby now also supports PHP version 7.2 . To make Magento work with PHP 7.2, we recommend to install this extension. A close coordination with the supporting agency is advisable.


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