Release notes 1.45

Change log

To better keep track of changes to  products we introduced a change log. In order to see the change log you have to be logged in to our customer portal. Right beside the cobby logo you’ll find a new item History.


By clicking on History you’ll see the following screen.


Important: Since this feature requires at least version, you won’t see any entries prior to this version.

The history screen will show all products where changes have been made. Clicking on the arrow to the right will filter for the selected product id and refresh the filter.

You can also manually filter for Id, Sku and Transaction.

Another click on the arrow to the right will show all details for the logged changes. The column Property holds the information for which store view and attribute code a change was logged. Old Values and New Values shows in details how the attribute was changed.

Versions and Modified properties represent cobby internal attributes which are not existent in Magento.


Attribute option ID can be a string

In general Magento uses integer values to store attribute option IDs for select attributes. However if you define a custom source model, it is possible to define a string as ID. Before this version cobby didn’t support this behaviour.

Guaranteed reindex after product changes in M2

In some circumstances changes from within cobby didn’t show up in Magento frontend. This happened only if configurable and simple products have been changed at the same time. This was due a missing reindex of simple products. Now all necessary indexes are always rebuilt, so changes immediately show up in frontend.

cobby text filter now limited to 1024 items

We introduced a limit for the maximum allowed numbers of items that can be used in the text filter.


Improved memory usage when lots of attribute sets are loaded

It was possible that Excel crashed with out of memory warning if lots attribute sets had been loaded. This was fixed so even huge amounts of attribute sets can now be loaded.

Dismiss corrupt categories during synchronisation

It could happen that cobby showed categories which weren’t shown in Magento backend. This was due to corrupt categories which are existent on database level. cobby now dismisses this corrupt categories and als ignores them in sync error mails.

New code signage certificate
The signage process of our Excel AddIn has been improved to provide even more security during the installation. In rare circumstances it can happen that the auto update of the AddIn fails. This is caused by various security constellation of Windows and Excel. If you experience such a behaviour in your existing installation feel free to get in touch with our support. We are here to help you free of charge.

Check reference style before load products

When using r1c1 reference style together with custom presets errors could occur during load products. To prevent this you’ll receive a notification to disable r1c1 reference style.


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