Release Notes 1.41

A change to the way we deliver validation errors
The Error Assistant Task Pane faced problems when ten thousands of errors have been raised. To prevent this behaviour the validation now stops once 250 errors are found. This can result in multiple turns that errors are presented when dealing with huge data sets.

Compatibility to AvS_FastSimpleImport
cobby and FastSimpleImport are compatible.

New events to observe
We introduce two new general events that other extensions can hock to before cobby starts to import and after cobby finished import. Both are independent of the import data:

Product (importStart)
 Request m1: cobby_import_product.start
 Request m2: cobby/import/products/start
 Event: cobby_import_product_started

Product (importFinish)
 Request m1: cobby_import_product.finish
 Request m2: cobby/import/products/finish
 Event: cobby_import_product_finished

You can find everything else related to our API and extensibility including examples in the article about API requests and events.

Updates to events introduced in cobby 1.38
Some events previously only worked for Magento 1. Magento 1 and Magento 2 behave the same way now.

Compatibility to IntegerNet_Solr
An update to the the module Solr_Compatibility_Cobby brings back compatibility between cobby and IntegerNet_Solr.

Detection and blocking for custom frontend types
We now detect if an attribute utilizes a custom frontend type during synchronisation and inform you with an adequate message in the sync-error-mail.

All code in this version is compatible with SUPEE-9767.

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