Release Notes 1.40

Support for Bundles
You can now create and edit bundle-products directly in cobby and configure them through the attributes SKU Type, Price View and Bundle Items. The approach is identical to bundle creation in the Magento Admin Panel

SKU Type(fixed / dynamic) manages if the shopping cart shows a fixed bundle SKU or joins the customer selected SKUs together.

Price View(As Low as / Price Range) manages the display type in frontend.

Bundle Items provides a complete editor for Bundle options, similar to the custom options panel. You can open the Bundle-Item-editor via the cobby Task Pane when Excels focus is on the Bundle Items-cell of a Bundle product.

The Bundle Editor looks like this

Adding products to Bundle Options looks like this


Technical change to First Step Assistant

We introduced a change to the First Step Assistant. It now relies on https instead of http for all connections, this way it displays nicely in environments that block unencrypted web-traffic.


Categories without Names

When empty category names are present in magento they used to cause cobby to present you with an error message the moment “load Products” was clicked.

cobby now loads without problems when nameless categories are present and informs you about them in sync error e-mails.


In addition this release is once again accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.

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