Release Notes 1.39

Feature to disable Stock Management

We added a new feature that enables you to prevent alterations to inventory attributes through cobby. If the relevant system for the inventory attributes is an ERP system, and Magento is merely a downstream system, this feature can help you ensure that no inventory changes can be triggered when using cobby. You can find the “Stock Settings” on the cobby configuration page in Magento.


By default the stock management stays enabled and all inventory attributes remain visible, changeable and savable.


If you want to see all inventory attributes but don’t want changes being made to them, setting Stock Management to readonly is just right for you. Make sure to set “Default Quantity” and “Default Stock Availability”, as Magento expects these system attributes when new products are created. Cobby will then transmit these values when you save a new product for the first time.

Based on the settings in the image above, every new product would have a quantity of 5 and be out of stock. For products already existing in Magento no inventory attributes are transmitted through cobby.

All changes to inventory attributes through Magento remain visible in cobby, but if you e.g. make a change to a product’s quantity in cobby and save the product, the change to the quantity is not  transferred. Cobby simply discards the change to those attributes. Processing of all other changes to the product is not interrupted by this.


In addition to the behavior of the readonly mode, disabled also hides all inventory attributes. In this mode all changes to the inventory attributes through Magento also do not trigger a red product status. New products also use the values of the defaults from the settings.

The ?-symbol provides further help on the functions of the field.

Changes to these settings are only reflected after re-indexing of cobby and a restart of Excel.

Support for Magento 2

Our Magento 2 beta phase has ended.

The following features are currently not supported in cobby for Magento 2:

  • Custom options,
  • Show, create and edit Swatches,
  • Magento Enterprise ACL,
  • Image duplicate removal actions,
  • Subsequent changes to the product type from Magento are ignored by cobby,
  • .htaccess authentication,
  • Checks for duplicate URL-keys,
  • All video features of Magento 2.

The Magento 2 module is now available when you register for a demo license and follow the download link inside the registration email.


Magento 2 modules for existing licenses can be inquired through our support.

In addition this release is once again accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.

You can request the update under


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