Release Notes 1.38

Support for Magento and
Cobby now supports Shops with the Magento versions and
A change in the data types in these versions has made an adjustment necessary.

Maintenance and exclusion of user-defined product types
We made it possible to let you maintain custom product-types, as long as the data is converted to a known producttype through a custom extension. We will shortly release a demo-extension on github that you can modify to base your own extension on. This also enables you to exclude specific Product types from the sync process, so that those don’t show up in cobby anymore and aren’t counted to calculate your plan.

Support for your own extensions
With this version, we publish a list of all API-requests and events that can be used by extension developers for their own extensions: List of API-requests and API-events
For developers who previously already used individual requests and events from us, it is important to know that the requests were unified with version

For your own extension to keep working in, it is ideal to expand your observer to look for both the new name of the request / event and the old one.

Status of the cobby indexer
With this release, it is finally irrelevant what your cobby index is set to in Magento.
The cobby Magento module now uses an observer to detect all relevant changes to your Magento shop and doesn’t need the status of the indexer to be “Update on Save” anymore.


After the first synchronisation, the sync-process is now able to detect and sync only data which differ between Magento and cobby. This doubles the speed of resyncs. The full sync has also been further improved, so that a complete synchronisation should run even quicker than in our last release.

Maintain alt_texts with ease!

The cobby formula IMAGES.REPLACELABELS has been extended. It is now possible to change every single image label in the image column individually but also at the same time. This improved functionality is made available to all customers with this release.

Prior functionality:
IMAGES.REPLACELABELS(REFERENCE_TO_IMAGES;"Label") → only a single label will be set for all images in the cell

New functionality:
IMAGES.REPLACELABELS(REFERENCE_TO_IMAGES;"1:Label1";....;"100:Label100") → an individual label can be set for every single picture, that has been entered with a position.

The function assistant supports 20 individual labels,the function field supports 100 individual labels. Both versions of the formula remain usable.

Process optimization to deal with many attribute-options
We were able to identify and solve a performance problem that affected customers who have a lot of attribute options for individual global attributes in the shop. By optimizing the way the attribute options are processed, cobby no longer hangs when when data is loaded or saved.

Detecting the correct StoreView for shops with no Admin values

There are Magento Shops, where, because of unique constellations, values are available in a StoreView but no Admin-values are maintained. cobby could not detect this in prior versions and showed Admin-values none the less. This could result in differences in displayed data between cobby and the Magento backend. cobby now recognizes these constellations and adjusts automatically.

The import mode now detects new attribute options straight away 

cobby detects new attribute options now even in import mode, resyncs after imports not required anymore.

Entries in the Task Pane were cut off on high resolution screens
We have adjusted the cobby Task Pane so that in case of high resolutions, entries in the Task Pane are displayed correctly.

In addition this release is once again accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.


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