Release notes 1.37

The release 1.37 is mostly a bug-fix release. The biggest fixes are:

  • Errors that occurred when trying to use “Split to Attributeset” with very large tables have been identified and resolved,
  • Our Magento 2 beta now supports saving of multiselect-attribute-options,
  • Group prices can now be set on a per website level.


More flexible Sync behavior

The resynchronisation will not end prematurely anymore when products are found that cobbys deserializer can’t digest in bulk, instead such products are now processed one by one.
Improved Sync Error e-mails

The Sync Error email, that is sent if errors were found in the shop, now shows the severity of the errors that cobby found in the shops data.

If there are products in your database that have an unfinished product-creation with missing values for stock, you are now notified in the Sync Error Mail, so that you can fix those SKUs before you try to work with them in cobby.


In addition this release is once again accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.


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