Release notes 1.36

Beta Support for Magento 2

Starting with this release we are working on full support for Magento 2.0.1 to 2.1.0. If you’d like to take part in the current beta just let us know via and we’ll send you a custom Beta-Version asap.



Cobby now works nicely with Magento installations running on PHP 7.


Whitelisting for unrelated Indexers

Indexers that have no bearing on the execution of cobbys index are now automatically whitelisted. This means we don’t wait for indexers that are unknown to us and the ones that we know have no relation to cobby. In the past cobby waited for all other indexers before starting its own.


New feature – Ignore formula relationships

There is a new option under advanced settings. You can now deactivate formula relationship checking. Formula relationships are preserved, just the product status indicator will not change to yellow when a  linked cell is hanged by a formula. The performance is improved when this checkbox is active, since cobby just stops checking for changes made through formulas that point to related cells. Experienced users can use this function to edit formula cells more quickly. But that there has been a change that needs saving to Magento, will only be seen by cobby once the checkbox is unticked.


The following video shows the effects on the product status indicator when this option is activated.




Graphical response for errors in tier prices

We graphically improved the Error-messages for tier prices.The cobby Task Pane now expands the groups that have an error in them and marks fields with errors in red.en-tier-price-red


Downloading cobby with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11

If you have used Microsofts Edge Browser or Internet Explorer 11 before to download the cobby Excel extension you will have seen the browsers warning about unsafe software and missing certification. Starting with version 1.36 we utilize EV Code Signing to certify our software. Warning messages and trouble trying to download cobby via IE or Edge are now a thing of the past.


Out Of Memory errors in Excel 2010

We fixed a memory problem that made it impossible for users of Excel 2010 to load their product inventory in cobby as a whole.


Sync Errors for identical category names

The error message for identical category names on the same level will now only be triggered if those categories are within the same store. Identical category names in different stores of a Magento installation weren’t a problem in the past, but were shown as such in the sync errors e-mails.


Improved onetime formula

We made a change to cobbys onetime formula, so that the formatting does not change to standard after the formula has been executed. That way we circumvent a problem of several customers that e.g. tried to add a zero in front of a number using this formula.


Improved behavior of Custom Options

Thus far when you made changes to labels of Custom Options of a product, cobby did set the standard value. As a result of that it was impossible to send different labels for the same Custom Option in different StoreViews. Cobby now only sets the standard value when it is needed and gives you more freedom in customization.


New attribute options in the product filter

In all previous versions newly created attribute options were only visible in the product filter if you did reload the products first. Our product filter now offers freshly generated attribute options for selection without the need to reload.

In addition this release is accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.


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