Release Notes 1.28

Translated StoreViews


We now also support translations for shops with only one StoreView right in cobby. So if you have a shop with only one StoreView ( English f.ex.), you are now able to set a label for it in cobby.


The current StoreView now influences where the Admin Panel button points to


So far cobby always jumped to the main StoreView of the product in Magento when you pressed  the “Admin Panel” button, no matter what StoreView you were actually in in cobby. Starting with 1.28 the button always takes you to the same StoreView in Magento, that you had open in cobby.


Tier prices now directly in cobby 



We have extended cobby with a feature that let’s you list and edit tier prices right in the task pane.

For products that had no tier prices before, a click on the small “+” button opens the first row of a new tier price and quantities and prices can be added.


Pressing the “Split tiers to columns” button adds the tiers as extra columns to the Excel sheet, so that you can easily apply formulas to the tiers.


The menu behind the Gears-symbol houses settings regarding which customer groups shall be manageable and the amount of tiers to be shown in Excel for all groups.



In addition this release is once again accompanied by many small bug fixes, which will further improve not only performance but also stability.


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