We are going to introduce a new system for invoicing this year.

What’s changing for you?

• With a new customer center, you are able to see and change your billing data.

• You can see previous invoices e.g. the change of your subscription from monthly to annual

• There will be further features added in our customer center which do not refer to the billing. Invoices will only be created in English.

• The offered payment options are SEPA and Credit Card.

• If you received your invoices currently at the end of a month, your payment cycle is going to change to an upfront payment, for example: billing in advance on 1st October instead of 1st November.

Manual for account setup in our customer center

To register in our customer center, please follow the link from the e-mail.

Afterwards, you will be redirected to the customer’s dashboard. Here you can see all relevant information.

Please click on the blue settings-button next to your licence key.

You will be forwarded to another menu. Now click Payment Method:

Here you have to enter all the invoice data and choose your payment method:

Either SEPA:


or Credit Card:


Then simply fill and save the fields with the relevant information.

As soon as all information are provided, you will automatically receive your respective invoices.

You can find them in the folder Invoices.

Here you can see a history of all invoices. You can also download them directly for your own use.

If your billing address should change in the future, please update this information in your account too.

Should a change of your plan be carried out, you will see this in the folder Subscription.