How to set up cobby in Magento 2

Updated: Oct 1, 2021
Here you get to know how to set up cobby in Magento 2 so that cobby can synchronize your shop data.

Watch for this our how-to video or read the step-by-step instructions below.

Video: How to set up cobby in Magento 2


First of all, sign in to the cobby portal on

  1. Create workspace

    In order to do so, click on Add workspace (1), type in a name (2) → Create (3).

  2. Choose shop system

    Now you can choose your shop system.

  3. Download cobby extension

    In the first step of the setup you can download the cobby extension for Magento 2. Now you have to install it in your Magento store. Find a short guide on how that is done here on Github.
    After you have installed the cobby extension in your Magento 2, click Next in the portal. You are back in the cobby portal at step 2.

  4. Add new integration

    Switch to your Magento Admin panel and sign in.
    Then go to System (1)Integrations (2) and click on Add New Integration (3) in the upper right corner.

  5. Integration info

    A new mask will open (1). Please enter cobby as name and your email address (2). Under Your Password (3) enter your Magento backend password.

  6. API

    Switch now to the area API (1). Set a check at cobby (2) and save the operation (3).

  7. Activation

    After you have saved the setting, you will be redirected to the initial page.
    Click on Activate (1) to open a new screen.
    Here please only click on Allow (2) in the upper right corner, then the mask with the required information will open.

  8. Transfer access token to the portal

    In this mask you will find your login token, which you need to integrate cobby.
    You can copy this data from your Magento admin area and paste it into the workspace settings in the cobby portal as you see below.

  9. Save

    After you have transferred the data from your Magento backend to the cobby portal, click on save in the portal. After that, Synchronizing appears in the status display.
    As soon as the status indicator changes to Active, your store data is successfully synchronized with cobby.
    This may take some time depending on the amount of data.
    Afterwards you will find a download link for the cobby Excel plugin in the customer portal (under Downloads), which you also have to install.

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