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Request the cobby module for Magento and Excel now

There are two ways to try cobby:
1. Test it in our demo store or
2. Install cobby in your Magento store

Test cobby to its full extent without obligation. 14 days or 50 changes are free (whichever comes first). After you provide us with your name and email address, we will send you an installation guide and the Magento module for download. You can test cobby in our demo store with fictitious data. Or you can install the cobby module in your Magento store and try it with your own products. After 14 days or 50 changes the cobby trial period ends automatically, so you don’t have to cancel anything.
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cobby for Shopware and Shopify

Our developers are working diligently on cobby for other store systems. It is expected that also Shopify and Shopware will benefit from cobby by the end of 2021.
You would like to work with cobby in other store systems? Just leave us your email address and we will inform you when the time has come.

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