Configure cobby in Magento 1

Updated: May 26, 2021
You have installed the cobby extension in your Magento 1 store and want to start now? This step-by-step guide explains how to set up the cobby module in your Magento 1 backend.

First, install the cobby module like you’re used to, just like you install other modules in your Magento store as well.

Step 1 Open settings in the Magento backend

After you have successfully installed the cobby module, the following message “Click here to configure cobby” (1) appears in the admin area. By clicking on the message “Configure cobby“, you can directly access the cobby settings under System.

View in Magento 1 after installing the cobby module

You can also find the settings via the menu bar: “System” (1) → “Configuration” (2) → “Services” (3) → “cobby” (4)

Aufruf der cobby Einstellungen in Magento 1
You can also open the cobby settings from the menu in the Magento backend.

Step 2 Select user

In the general settings at cobby the license key and the contact email address is already stored automatically. The license key is assigned by us and the contact email address is the same one you used to register in the cobby customer portal.

cobby Allgemeine Einstellungen in Magento 1

Under “Select web service user” you have the option to create a new web service user or to select an existing one.

Neuen Webservice Nutzer erstellen
If you would like to create a new user, enter a user name, the new API key to use and a user email.
Vorhandenen Webservice Nutzer auswählen
If you would like to use an existing user, select the user name from the list and enter the API key of the selected user.

Step 3 Save configuration

With “Save Config” you save the configuration. Our service will now automatically connect to your store and synchronize the product data.
Once the synchronization is complete, we will send you an email including the next steps and the download link to the plugin for Excel.

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Konfiguration von cobby in Magento 1 erfolgreich
The configuration of cobby in Magento 1 was successful.
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