cobby Trainings

Altough cobby is a tool that is very easy to use, it also offers a variety of complex features. So what if you want to get the most out of your product care? In addition to our Help Center, you have the opportunity to book one or more training courses directly with us to expand your knowledge.

Whether remote connection or directly in your business premises.

But what are trainings anyway?

Training is available to broaden your understanding of cobby and work in Excel. Therefore, these are also tailored to you.

Possible topics for this are, for example:

  • basic training for cobby and Excel
  • Automation new installation of products
  • Working with external Data (manufacturers, accounting, online marketing)
  • Organization an working in a team
  • multilingual onlineshops
  • Generation of evaluations

Of course, we also help you to handle your specific topic. For this it is advisable that you send us the topic including possibly existing sample data (excellists) by mail to We will get back to you immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of training is € 81.25 net per hour. Remote training sessions are recorded on video and then provided to you. If you are interested in a training course at your location, we charge € 0.30 per km for the round trip.

Basic training usually takes 1 to 2 hours depending on the level of knowledge of Magento and Excel.

All further training starts at 2 hours.

The place where remote training is to be performed requires Excel and cobby to be installed. In addition, we work in remote training with TeamViewer 8. You can download this version here. With the request to install them in advance.

A remote Training:

Availability for training dates can be viewed and booked online. If you want to schedule an appointment for more than an hour, just book two or more contiguous appointments (best in a row, so that content is better internalized).

In effect Training:

In this case, please send us two suggested dates, the number of participants and the location of the training. We will contact you for an individual offer.