cobby is an official OpenMage partner

Updated: Aug 18, 2021
We are very happy to announce that cobby is now an official partner of OpenMage. Since the end of support of Magento 1, onlineshop operators have with OpenMage the opportunity to continue using Magento 1 and to still receive patches as well as important updates. A ray of hope for all affected Magento 1.x end of life merchants.

What is OpenMage?

OpenMage were established in 2014. The group of developers use the code from Magento 1 and add e.g. their own patches or performance updates, which makes OpenMage technically speaking a fork of Magento 1. The code is therefore constantly developed further and a certain level of support is maintained.

The team behind OpenMage consists of seven people who are all working in different places: developers from agencies, people who work directly at the shops, freelancers and many volunteers, who help maintaining the website, for example. They all have one thing in common: current or past problems with Magento 1 that were not solved by Magento. Initially, the key idea was to use OpenMage to create a collection of updates and bug fixes that were created and published by the community, but never actually implemented by Magento.

What does the OpenMage project actually do?

First and foremost, OpenMage still collect the patches created by the community and ensure certain quality standards. Another focus is on the further development of Magento 1, which ranges, for example, from the support of PHP versions and databases to future extensions of the API and security standards. Especially the aspect of security is of high relevance for the developers, so that Magento 1 users can look forward to the elimination of security gaps, which one or the other shop operator has certainly come across in the past. OpenMage are committed to ensure that Magento 1 remains a secure and functional shop system and that a reliable Magento 1 long term support solution is provided.

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cobby and OpenMage – Partners by conviction

OpenMage gives many shop operators, especially smaller ones, the chance to continue using Magento 1 as a shop system and to still receive patches as well as updates. With OpenMage, they have the opportunity to migrate without much effort as the developers make sure that the code base is basically the same. Very few smaller online shop operators can afford the costs of a complex shop migration into a new system, which is why the project is a great and attractive alternative.

True to the idea of “by the community for the community”, OpenMage is in our opinion a very helpful, collaborative project that provides the Magento community with updates, manages developed patches and thus keeps the community together. We recommend OpenMage to our customers, some of whom are already using it and thanks to the project they are not left alone with their Magento 1 shop system. But the same goes for cobby: Thanks to OpenMage, Magento 1 customers can still use cobby. This is why we are very pleased that OpenMage accepted us as one of their official partners and we actively support the project.